He knows something is wrong.
He can smell it
in the frozen air.
He senses somewhere
that something is amiss
in the Force
(or the Source
as Kirby called it beforehand
– yet another example
of the King being crushed
by yet another organization
stealing credit
for his creations).
He does not realize
what it is
that has happened
or what can be done about it.

He can tell, though.
He can smell it through
all the other senseless things about,
the chaos and lies
that abound all around.
He understands that somehow
his world has strayed from its presumed path
though he has stayed
exactly where he always has.
Somewhere else,
it’s happened
and he can’t say what it is.

He hopes it will all improve
if he wakes up
and then perhaps
he can enter into this new existence
and maybe remember his name.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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