Convention Event

After we parted
I didn’t get into a fight
with those four jerks
who called me
some kind of a clerk.

I didn’t break any bones
or lose any blood
or soil any shirts
or any other particles of clothing
that can be seen.

I didn’t borrow any trophies
or punch any horses
or break any windows
or dance with any hookers.
I was cool.

I was calm.
I didn’t do anything destructive
or reductive
or deconstructive
and I didn’t make anybody cry.

Anybody else cry.

At the end of the night
after we parted ways
and agreed that time and space
might make things
more acceptable between us
I found myself in no more dangerous places
or ridiculous situations
than I am used to
on a normal Saturday night.

It’s like the time
I received that participation award
for making it
to three out of five days
of that convention event.
I am blessed
with small rewards.
So yeay, me!
I hope you agree
if we ever speak again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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