The Instant

This is where we should kiss.
This, this silent moment,
this instant of tension
is seeking some kind of release
which would be found
in each other’s arms,
each other’s lips,
in each other’s nudity.

This is the time
we should fold into one another
admit our differences
and our commonalities
and what we really want and need.
This is the time
we should be getting horizontal.

If this were a movie
or a novel
or a comic book
we would have swirling views
moving us closer
a musical cue informing us
of our mutual destiny.
We would know
by our hidden director’s instructions
what we should do
which is kiss.

But we’re in no movie
no novel nor comic book
and there is no one telling us what to do
and even though I know
this is where the kiss comes in
I’m still standing here
waiting for some other sign
or opportunity or oh.

Oh, that.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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