Dogs of Car

The world is made of things
with distinct purposes and utilities.
Consider location.
A car is not suited
to be a home
in winter, especially
if you live with a bull mastiff
that farts – regularly.

The world is made of dreams,
not all of which need be achieved.
It is the wish
that drives us along
not it’s fulfillment.
Consider the collie
who constantly chased after cabs
until finally
she caught one.

The world is made of living creatures
destined to act in specific ways.
Though we all can strive to deviate
from the boxes
in which we are been placed
there is only so much movement available.
Consider emergencies.
A St. Bernard can race to your rescue
saving you from a snowy death
but don’t ask him
to drive your ambulance
– and his helicopter skills?
Best left untested.

The world is made of epigrams
and with enough work,
they can all include canines.
Consider parking lot sex.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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