The Shape of Things to Come

I can tell, already,
this night will disappoint me.
My needs will not be met.
My hopes will not be realized.
I will discover truths about myself
or my society
and they will be unpleasant.
I can see this all etched out before
simply from the layout of the room.

Things will go badly,
though I looked forward madly
for what was to come,
it’ll all end up sadly.
I’m gonna have a miserable time
and all expectations will be left unmet.
Positive expectations, I mean.
The others,
the negative thoughts
that fuel all my days,
those prognostications will play out

Isn’t that the way,
that good ideas will be unrealized
but every evil thought in my head
will be fulfilled?
Isn’t that strange?
Isn’t that true?

Fine, maybe it’s not for you
but for me,
I know,
it’s all going down tonight
– in a bad way.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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