My Therapist 6

My therapist keeps telling me
it’s time to rape a bitch
– though not quite with those words.

He explains
that I need to exude confidence.
I must present myself
as deserving of others’ affections
and assume, under all circumstances,
that she
(whomsoever she may be)
is into me.

He tells me
far too often
that it is important
I put my needs first
and respect myself
and that just because she may say no,
she probably wants me to ask again
and again
and anyway, no
doesn’t always mean no.

All of this
seems quite counter to my training
as a sensitive new age guy.
Quite counter
to the word on the street,
in the face of every paper I read,
every girl I know,
every thing that I believe.

He wants me to be intuitive
despite the fact
that my intuition
wants me to get some
even if the girl’s does not.
He wants me to be assertive.
He encourages me to be more aggressive.

He is telling me
my intuition informs me
that it’s time to rape a bitch.
When I bring this up
he denies it
but I’m pretty sure
what he really means.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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