Yeah, You Are

I hear you’re lousy.
I hear you’re lazy.
I hear you’re pretty sleazy,
and amazingly easy to hate.
I hear that you’re horrible
at what you do.

I’ve been told
from a very young age
that everyone under the sun
has something
they can excel at.
Imagine, though,
if you were Michael Jordan
but were born long
before basketball even existed.
How sad would your fate have been then?

Perhaps that fate would be little different
than your current state:
deemed incompetent by any and all,

It’s not your fault
that your talents are undiscovered
or do not exist
in this current lifetime
with this species of human.

I’m sure you are appreciated,
for example,
by maggots.
They’re exactly the kind of creatures
that could see value
in what you do.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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