The Other Holly

My friends and I
keep wondering what you might be up to
in this day and age.
Holly says she might have seen you
as an art dealer in SoHo.
Mellie thinks she heard you’d moved back East
(which, since you used to be in New York,
I guess means Hempstead).

Jones suggested you were finishing school
or married with two and a half kids
and one point three doggies.
He’d heard a report
that supported that fact.

No ones been directly in touch.
Someone said
you could be dead.

I think it’s been so long now
that pretty much anything is possible.
You could be in space
or a star
or flying so high when you’re stoned
or you could’ve been mooning us
across the street
in an apartment that we never noticed
but Holly
– the other Holly –
had a different idea.

What’s new?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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