The Changes to Come

They rolled her out in a gurney.
She was barely lucid
muttering names,
but none of anyone around.
Her hair was wild.
Her teeth were out.
It was a bad scene.

She wasn’t happy
being evacuated from her home,
that much is clear.
But she hadn’t been happy in it
for some time, either.

There was a smell
that could not be distinguished
which dissipated
quickly in her absence.

While she’s gone
her home will be cleaned
and clutter will be excised
and path will be made easier to traverse
and everything that was problematic
will be resolved.

When she comes home,
her hair will be made
her teeth will be in
she will be blissful
and the skies will be visible
through her newly cleaned windows.

When she comes home
she will walk through the door
and beat the crap out
of everyone who interfered with her life.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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