This is the Sad One

All you fuckers…
you dirty little fuckers.
You fucking hippie fuckers:
Fuck you.

It wasn’t so long ago
that I had somewhere to go
someone to see.
I had a reason to breathe
I had someone to be.
You’ve taken that all
away from me
so fuck you.

All you fuckers,
you piggy gritty fuckers,
you motherfucking fuckers:
Fuck you.

I thought I saw the light
in the darkest of the night
but the light was blinding,
my vision grinding to a halt.
And then came your assault.
God! Fuck you!

All you fuckers!
Fuck you, fucking fuckers
with your overweight Fuddruckers.
Fuck you.

I had hopes with you;
that you’d pull me through
but I learned with a chill
that you never will
so forever more, I wish you ill.
Fuck you.

Fuck you, fucky fuckers
when you get hit by drunk truckers
I’ll be laughing at you fuckers. Fuck you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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