This is the Fad One

You’ll be over this one day.
You’ll look back on these things you’re saying now
and feel, at best,
mildly embarrassed
and, at worst,
completely horrified
at the songs you’re singing,
the positions you support,
the face you currently wear.

You will think of today
and wonder what was going through your head
and wish your friends had suggested
you should know better
when, in fact,
everyone had told you
almost every day
that you should know better.
I am telling you that right now
but you won’t remember.

You’ll be ashamed
a little
about the person you are now
but pretty quickly you’ll shrug it off
and move on with your life
because it wasn’t so bad, right?
You got through those awkward years
and anything that doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger, doesn’t it?

That’s what you’ll say one day
if you can.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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