This is the Ad One

The following poem is brought to you by Jon Berger,
the maker of such seminal works as “Seminal Work,”
“The Healing Power of Bacon,”
“My Sister’s a Slut”
and “Booby Prize,”
which was all about touching boobies.

This prolific creator has branched out into recordings
producing important albums like
AntiFunk masterpiece Kinesis
and experimental atmo-rock juggernaut Grey Revelations
which went paperclip on bandcamp
selling at least three downloads.

He hosts shows.
He graces open mics with his presence.
He plays games on his phone
at the back of small clubs during your shows.
He heckles like nobody’s business
– which it, in fact,

Jon Berger
AKA the editor of AntiMatters, Revolutionary Whimperings, and Urban Folk AKA the leader of JUANBURGUESA, King of the Scene
AKA DJ JB, the AP of AF
AKA Jonathan Berger
is the man behind this poem.

Jon Berger.
Ask for him by name.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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