Eloise, Before and After

I wrote this before we broke up
but it really seems to apply
just as much today,
so I thought I’d share it
with you, if I may:

There will come a day
when words will lose meaning,
when we have agreed on all the subjects we could
and disagreed on all the subjects we would
and there is simply nothing else to say.

We will find some way
to reach the certain point
where we barely notice each other,
so familiar our respective rhythms shall become.
You will twist to my turn.
Your bend yields my sway.

And this comfort may
breed a certain discord from you
but I will treasure that time
where we have attained such harmony
that we are almost as one.
It is a state for which I pray.

And it seems I drank from Cassandra’s cup
understanding a future
I could do nothing to change.
As I saw exactly how time would stray
except just the day we’d be betrayed.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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