On Visiting the Brooklyn Museum in Winter (3)

An exhibit at the museum today
is leaving
after tomorrow.
It is Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party,
and it’s got pussies everywhere.
It’s pretty pornographic.

The exhibit has been
here at the museum for months.
I just lucked into it.
I just saw more pussies
than I will ever see in my life

They’re figurative pussies
on literal plates
and they represent feminism
and a shitload of people helped
and I got to see it
but I don’t really understand it
partially because I’ve been looking at art for hours
and partially because I haven’t eaten in longer
but mostly because I don’t understand women very well
and, anyways,
the exhibit’s leaving tomorrow
so unless you get here
by March 4, 2018,
I guess you missed it,
but The Dinner Party
is totally for pussies.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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