On Visiting the Brooklyn Museum in Winter (4)

The Statue of Liberty stands
in a parking lot
in Brooklyn.
Or, a Statue of Liberty stands
in a parking lot in Brooklyn.
It’s not like the that French gift
was stolen then shanghaied
to this inland location.
It’s a facsimile.

I see it from above
here in the stairwell of this house
of a thousand surprises.
There’s so much to see here
even things that can be witnessed elsewhere
like this Liberty landmark,
better viewed on the way to Staten Island.

I saw another Statue of Liberty
with a girl once
in Lincoln Center,
or I tried to.
I forget.
Some days
the difference between reality and imagination
seems hard to see.

Thankfully there are institutions
that will tell us
what is true
and what is false.
So, Brooklyn Museum,
for the record,
that Statue of Liberty,
did I see her on 64th with Jenny
and why
did she stop calling me?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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