Yeah, but, OK…
listen, hear me out.
What if,
what if she’s not dead?
What if it’s a mistake
and they gave me bad information
and she didn’t pass away
and they just moved her to another place?

No, really.
It’s not that hard to believe.
If you only get information
from a single source
then isn’t it possible
that the single source
got it wrong?
Wouldn’t that be, like,
the very epitome of fake news?

Look, an intelligent individual
does not discount a theory
until it has been fully explored
and dutifully considered.
It would be completely irresponsible
to ignore the possibility
that maybe she was moved
and the staff was mistaken
and she’s doing all right
wondering why no one is visiting her.

It’s possible, isn’t it?
Couldn’t it be?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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