I Stage

Her daughter-in-law
living in Long Island
had asked me to look in on her
but I was at work
so I begged off.
“Don’t worry,” I said,
“I’ve been checking on her a lot lately.
We spoke just two days ago.
I’m sure she’s fine.”

She did not trust the words of a stranger
so drove into the city
to check on her ailing elder, and
seeing what she saw,
called an ambulance
which brought her to the hospital
where they sought to heal her
for weeks
until finally
her heart stopped.

There is a slim possibility
that had I prophesied differently
some doctors could have gotten a quicker look
at the old lady
and made a different diagnosis
with better results.

I am glad that Dottie got treatment
even if it didn’t save her.
I am sorry that I did nothing to save her.
I could have done better by her.
I’m pretty bummed, actually, but
I guess
it could’ve been worse.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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