Nectar (1119-2018)

is probably
a good thing.

I will have a chance
to think things over
to take a step back
to review my mistakes
and consider future opportunities.
This is going to be excellent.
I’ll finally be able to take a breath.

I’ll get to lose weight
read some books
study some ancient disciplines…
finally make something of myself.

Too long have I been tied up
in comfort
and an accident of routines
I never meant to endure.
Now, I can finally free myself
from all of it

The change’s gonna do me good.
I wasn’t ready to take it on
of my own volition
but now
with this future thrust upon me,
everything’s bound to get better.
Like the Fall of Constantinople
precursed the Renaissance
or World War II brought about the iPhone.
Even if you don’t want it
when you’re made to experience new things,
why not make the most of it?
He’s coming anyway.
Might as lay back
and enjoy the ride.

Drink fully from life’s cup,
says I.
The glass is half full,
I’ll bet,
and that yellow liquid?
It’s probably lemonade.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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