The Smack of Inspiration

“Carl’s queries.”
Hey, that sounds
like the idea for a real work of art.

Why don’t you get on that,
you little work-of-art-maker?
Just take the concept
I spent a second or two rubbing out
and put it into your art slot
and create something magnificent from it.

How long should it take you:
three minutes?
Tell me what you need,
but I’ve got an Uber waiting,
so if you could finish up faster,
that’d be great.

Look, I’m no artist,
but how hard could it be?
I heard once
that genius is ninety five percent inspiration,
three percent perspiration,
and three percent perspicacity.
So I’m helping you be a genius here.
Why are you being so ungrateful?

If you don’t like my idea,
I’ll just take it back
and work on Carl’s Queries in Querulous Climes
all on my own.
Jesus, some people…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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