If I hear
that kind of language from you again
I will beat the living shit out of you.
Do you hear me?
I will fucking tear your head off
and then begin to skullrape
first one part
then another
until my jizz is dripping
off of each and every orifice
created by the violence
and the love.

If you choose to curse
I will begin tearing assholes
into every conceivable part
of every conceivable member
of your family
and then I will begin the sex acts.
I’ll be a motherfucker,
a papafucker,
a grannyfucker,
nonifucker, pop-pop-fucker…
you name it,
I’ll fuck it.

I’ll cum on tits
and fart on nips
and diddle twats
swallow dicks
if I ever hear you use that sort of language again,
you hear me?
You hear me?

So tell me what you’ll do
from now on
and, for fuck’s sake,
mind your language.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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