Aural Aid

The hearing aid has collected dust
this last quarter score,
as I have been too young and virile
to use such a thing
despite my doctor’s insistent prescription.

It just hasn’t seemed necessary
to hear the mutterings
under the breath
of America’s snarky youth
or all the belches and farts
on today’s flatscreen digital HDTV.

I’ve lived just fine
with close captioning
and asking friends to repeat themselves
– but never more than twice.
If I don’t get it by then,
I just nod my head knowingly –
rather than wearing the internal device
and figuring out how to position it,
but it seems
like the aid’s time
may be coming.

I have been going to your shows
and I love your voice
and your playing
and your rhythm and style
but I’m afraid it may be necessary
to dust off the aural aid
because after all these gigs
I’d ready to admit
I’ve got no idea
what you’re saying.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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