Whole Hole

The last time I went to that Diner
it was gone.
Just a hole in the ground,

There was a fire there
or something.
I couldn’t be sure;
there was nothing left
to pin a note of explanation on.

They used to have such excellent pies.
I was particularly partial
to the peanut butter crumble pie
which had a milk chocolate bottom.
I don’t suppose any of it
made it through the fire
or the lightning strike
or the demolition or whatever.

I don’t believe
I will ever have a chance
to have that delicious
pie in my mouth again
unless the Renaissance Diner
experiences a resurrection.
I don’t have any faith
in that sort of occurrence.

It was a full moon
that day I discovered the destruction
but I don’t see at all
how that might be relevant.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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