I’ve Seen the Future… 2

Sometimes you know your time’s up
even before anyone can tell you.
Your internal clock is just more on the ball
than anybody else’s sense of schedule.
You can feel when your welcome has worn out
when the cold is coming on
when the ice floe is about to break.
There’s a sense about these things.

Sometimes you are ahead of the curve
of reality
and your awareness precedes events.
That can be a good thing
if the stakes are low
and if they are not,
incredibly tragic.

Knowing your death date
weeks in advance
gives you time to spend frivolously,
I suppose,
but can you really accomplish
all that is left to do?
The question, then,
is: is there such a thing as too much information?
There may be
some good news for you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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