Say the Word

Blank. Empty.
I am alone
in the darkness
with my device
at which I peer
with great intensity.

I stare at the screen
hoping to somehow will a message out of it
but nothing comes out.
Was my correspondence clever enough?
Did I ask enough questions?
Did I seem caring
interesting enough
to instill any response?

There are so many means of communication
through the screen.
At any given instant
why is she using absolutely
none of them
to reach out to me?
Why am I not worthy?
What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

All I want is a word
and then another
sent from her device.
Nothing else that I can think of
would be half so nice.

Yet here I am:
me and the shadows
created by the steady beam
of the device
lighting me as I await some word
from her.

Any word.


About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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