The Creepy Comes

Here’s where the creepy comes in.
Here’s where the heavy breathing starts.
Insert ominous soundtrack now
with foreshadowing
and darker hues
and close-ups
and the suspicions
that something seriously wrong is about to happen
but what?

Here’s where Ugly
gets his chance to shine.
Here’s where we experience
an exponential increase in expressive oppression
and unsettlement across the spectrum.
Here’s where the orchestration
takes another turn.

It’s not over, folks.
It gets worse.

Here’s where the story-beats stretch
and seem like the genre shifts
from more free-wheeling
to decidedly less.
Here’s where feathers and bows
get mired and charred
and almost all color
is wiped from the setting.

Here’s where you wish you could get your money back
but it’s not that kind of a show.
it never was.

Now here’s the intermission
and now
there’s the exit.

What you do now
is up to you
just like always.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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