Kid A

Hey. Hey, kid:
With the straight back
and the frequent blink.
You all right?
You alone?
Come over.
Cop a seat.

Everything OK?
Be honest.
Doesn’t matter to me much
either way.
I’m just wondering
stranger to stranger
out here on this chilly pier
if there’s something you need
something I can help with.

You don’t have to say a thing.
We don’t have to talk.
You don’t have to sit here, kid.
It doesn’t matter much to me,
doesn’t matter much to you.
You can go your own way,
like someone once said.
It’s just…
you look like you’re alone
or lonely
and you look like you need something.

You need something?
You want,
you tell me.

All right.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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