Secrets Never Shared

It is imperative that you never read this
vital that you never know
these ridiculous
harmful ramblings
ranging through my head.
They must not escape me
and attach memetically to you
or anyone else
while I can help it.

Please, God,
stop anyone
from seeing this

If you were ever to suspect
how desperate and sensitive I have become
have labyrinthine and divisive my thoughts
you would allow me around
even less than you do.
I must maintain a veil of secrecy
that you can never pierce.

I will remain upright
uptight, forthright
and outtasite
so you don’t see through the veneer,
identify the obvious weakness of this armor
and pay attention to the freak
behind the curtain.
You’ll never suspect

unless you somehow read this.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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