Avenue F

Let’s take a little break
from the road we’ve taken
all right?
The sojourn we’ve been on
for last few hours
taking us from downtown
to downtown
even further on down
past park after park
through a couple of boroughs…
a younger man
was ready for these pleasures
and a younger man used to do this with you often
but then
neither of us
are younger men anymore.

Avenue F seems a fine place for a respite.
Just the spot to take a seat.

We can collect ourselves
and think about what we’ve seen
what inspired us to walk these many miles
the wonders we’ve experienced
the things that have changed since the last times
we’ve passed this way.
How long has it been for you?
I don’t come around her much anymore
but I should.
Maybe this is the start of something new.

Avenue F seems a good place to visit.
Just the sort of spot to come back to.

If we stop at the park
we can watch the trains go by.
Sure, we could have gotten here much faster
with their help
but that’s not the point.
That wasn’t the day we sought.
We were on a journey
on a walkabout.
We had no idea
we’d arrive at this old McDonald’s
or anywhere else on this random ramble.
It’s all been just right today.
Let’s continue to play it as it lays.

Avenue F is a good place to stop.
Just the spot to tell me what’s up.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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