Little F

There will come a day,
little fat boy,
where you will tire
of cowering under covers,
of seeking shadows
large enough to hide
your prodigious frame
and you might consider standing out
stating your position proudly
letting your enemies take aim
prepared for whatever consequences
there may be.

There may be no consequences
for there may be no enemies
for fear anticipates
creatures in shadows
that cannot be seen
since the fucking shadows hide them, stupid.
That’s what shadows do.

You will find, perhaps,
that the fright
has taken too much of your time
stolen too many breaths
kept you behind far too many locked doors
for too many partied nights.
You will see other paths.
You may take them.
You may not.
But someday soon
you may see other options
and I hope. truly,
that you strongly consider them.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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