More and More Questions

What did you want, she asked.
What did you expect?
Did you think that your pretty words
were going to make me fall for you
here and now?
Your words are not so pretty.
They are more clever
and really very self-deprecating.
Why would they make your case?
What would I be
if they convinced me
to be with you?

What were you looking for, she asked.
What was your end game?
Did you honestly believe
we were a perfect couple
that we were suited for a life together?
What evidence made you suspect
we had longevity?
What strands between us
would you say were strong enough
to take us to eternity?

Can you look at me, she said,
look at me right now
and tell me what makes me special
the alleged object of your ardor
as opposed to all the other women
who have caught your eye
while we’ve sat here?
What is my particular appeal?
Why are we here together?
Can you tell me, she asked,
just what you want of me?

I only had questions
to return to her.
She soon responded
with one final answer.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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