Ruddy Advice

It’s OK to be scared.
There are days when you look at the world
and the world looks at you
and you’re not sure
if you’re playing a game of chicken
or slapsies
and before you figure it out
the world smacks you hard
and you just quit for the week.
It’s fine to take a break.

But eventually
you’ve got to face the day
and put on your big boy pants.
Just go out into the strawberry grove
and take on the world
no matter what it did to you before.

Take on a new identity if you have to.
Become The Purple Persimmon
or SandrAlice as necessary.
Change however you need to
to conquer the demons
but get out there
and get shit done.

That’s how you become a man,
my son,
or whatever you are.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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