My Stanley

I just missed tripping over my Stanley fan
which is convenient
since it’s just about time
to take it out for the season
since it’s April
and just about right
for those in the Northeast US
to find some use
in the movement of the air.
I am glad to be reminded
that the Stanley has been out all along
and constantly ready for my usage
all winter long.

In point of fact
I have used the fan
since last summer.
I have had reason
to keep the fan available
at the push of a button for my pleasure
since its last season of substantial service.
The fact that I failed to put it away
is less a failure of organization
and more a matter
of being prepared
at any minute
for every eventuality.

I believe the fact that I had the sweats in February
(and earlier in December)
is ample evidence
of why I need to keep the fan out
and also why I still own two boxed VCRs
and a series of New York Posts
from the nineties
that have yet to be perused.
Also some medium Bionic Finger t-shirts
that’ll be making a comeback
any day now.

There’s a method to the madness.
The Stanley fan proves it
even if I almost broke my navicular
again this morning.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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