The Bright Side of

There’s a way to look at it
where it’s funny
where the events
as they’ve transpired
these last few months
have been a comedy
and the actions that have been perpetrated
upon you
and yours have been humorous
and the resulting pratfalls
and cracks and splats
and broken backs
have been incredibly hilarious.

It might serve you
to see events
through that lens.
It may prove
to make events more tolerable
if you choose
to see your life
as one with a laugh track
and not a sour sour score
weeping through all the tortured scenes
that have been a menace to watch
let alone live.

You might find yourself happier
if you could find yourself
in the Humor section
along with the other joke materiel.
It might make everything easier to take.

Don’t do it.
Do not take any of this lighter
for even a second.
None of it is funny.
None of it.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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