News in the Toilet

The graffiti on the wall
by the toilet where I sit
studying the important matters of the day
reads I Heart Tracy
only Tracy’s name is crossed out
and directly underneath it
is the name Angela.
At least I think it is,
because it’s crossed out
and beneath it
is Louisa, which is not a name
I’ve found on an actual living person,
but it’s good to know
that it’s still alive and well
and living in graffiti
– or was,
before a line ran through it
to be replaced by Phoebe
who was subsequently improved upon
in the opinion of the writer
by Christina.

Next: Lily.
Then: Joanna
followed by Joanne
followed by Christina
– who may well have been the same
as the earlier Christina,
but then again,
Christina’s a pretty popular name,
and it really seems like this bathroom scrawler gets around.

By this point in the list,
I’m bending pretty low
and it’s really hard to get my business done
but I’m kind of interested.
Has the writer found true love?
Is the Christina the end
of the crossed-out lines?

I may never know for sure,
unless I return to the scene of this grime
and search again
and find fresh ink
to prove that his last listed love
didn’t last
and even then
I won’t ever truly be sure
if I’ll really be done giving a shit.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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