Final Assessment

When they find my rotting corpse
and my broken soul
limps off to the afterlife,
the next folk may well ask me
about my regrets
and what I wish I could change
about my time
on the mortal plane.

At the moment
when I think back on these days
I mostly go back
to a day back in the early aughts
where there was sun
and sky and fun
and I opted to take a nap.
If I could go back
and revisit my life
and edit the errors
I would make that nap longer.

The rest of that day was no good
nor the week.
That year, really
could be marked in the loss column.
Let me sleep through that year
I’d have been better off.
I regret 2002
encapsulated in that sunny Saturday.

or all those raccoons’ tongues.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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