Icarus the Wise

Whatever lessons you’re supposed to get
our of the story
of the flying father and son
let me ask:
why is the pater
the supposed superior scientist?

Daddy Daedalus deemed
it dangerous to dare to dive
directly at the sun
warning his own son Icarus
to avoid all attempts
at any aerial adventure.

But it was their first flight.
They had just escaped excitedly
from suffering at the hands
of various cretins
with the new technology
that they had just fashioned
and Daedalus just knew
without a doubt
that his waxy wings
could not stand the heat of Helios?
What research went into that conclusion?
How did he know?
Daedalus was scared.
Nothing but.

Icarus the wise
had done the only reasonable thing
to test his father’s hypothesis
and put the flying machine
through its paces
under difficult conditions
to see how it could stand the strain.
Brave Icarus suffered greatly
due to his dedication
to the true scientific method.

I say hurrah to Daedalus
a smart craftsman
and a good worker
and even a grand positer of fine theories
but we can only speak
of their validity today
thanks to the excellent work of his son
noble Icarus
and the work he did
with those wings back then
in the days before Kitty Hawk.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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