Hour and an Opportunity

You didn’t give me a chance
to fuck things up
– and I would have.
I would have

It would have been a car wreck
of tremendous proportions,
but you didn’t know that.

You didn’t have the experience
to know the kind of atrocity
I can get up to
with an hour and an opportunity.
You just took a look
and made a judgement
and you know what that is?
That’s prejudice.

And yes, that prejudice
would very likely
– almost certainly –
have been borne out by the reality
but you owed it to me
and yourself
to have seen what we could be.
You get that, right?
You see how you shortchanged our future, right?

Now, I’d be willing to give you another chance
and forsake all that I’ve got going for me
at the penal colony if
– well, let me know.
Just –
you’ve got my info.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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