Missed Connections 98

I rode past far too quickly
to get the full effect
but you were stunning
in the literal way
so that I forgot momentarily
where I was going
and failed to make my turn
and had to spin around
which made the cab driver behind me really mad
or so his horn playing led me to believe.

Where I was going
turned out to be where you were going
at least for a short while
so once I got my bearings
I found myself
in temporary pursuit of you
which meant I got to see you from behind
which was
really pretty pleasant, I guess.

You must know that you’re beautiful.
Not model beautiful.
If someone told you that
they were probably blowing smoke up your butt
which, like I said,
was pretty great
– but great for humans
real people
not those fake things they elevate above us.
You are the best in breed,
I’d say,
not a breed apart.
This is looking like a whole lot of letters
which is really costing me a bunch by now
I’ll bet
but first draft best draft
ha ha anyway…

I passed you by
and got to glance at your face again
which was really the coup de grace
which I’m sure I’ll learn how to pronounce someday
and I realized that you deserved to know that the vision of you
was enough to change the path of my day
if only for a moment
but your boyfriend or whoever that was
was really big
and I didn’t want to get a face full of fist
so I just sped on
like the gamma guy that I are.

But you deserved better.
You deserved to know who you were
to me today.
I hope you read this.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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