That Awkward Moment

Both their backs against the wall
they look ahead
staring at large screens
instead of each other.
They speak haltingly
uneasily. It’s unclear
if they’re trying to communicate
or avoid it.

This is that awkward moment
where either they end
or discover the story
they eventually tell their grandkids about.

The future unknowingly hangs
in this instant
as they unknowingly ignore each other
while we glare on from our omniscient view
seeing how fate rates this date.

Soon she stands
drops some dollars on the table
and exits
without a backward look.
He remains transfixed
his gaze remaining upon a screen.

Their grandkids
may have to wait
for another night
to learn if they will ever come to be.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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