Semi-Circle of Reduncedancey

You have to make some changes.
You have to clean house.
You have to get rid of that dirty
cracked thing.
The mirror displeases you
and why should it not?
All it ever presents
is small and afraid
and pathetic.

You are that cliche,
the guy that falls for the waitress
seeing something more
in her general courtesy
Congratulations, jerk.
What’re you looking at?

When will you learn?
How many times
must the wall fall into your face
for you to see
not to run into it?
When will the most obvious lessons
become just a little bit clear
to you?

Grieflets, you’re sad.
Something’s got to change
and you’re that thing.
You’ve got to clean up your act
and fix everything you’ve been doing.
Don’t go to that place anymore
and go to a different store.
Wear out some other floors
and, and just go.
and lock this door.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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