Little Monster

Look at that face!
A face a mother would love
’til her dying day.
That boy looks smashing.
He’s gonna break a lot of hearts
with his enormous hands
when he digs deep into chest cavities
to grasp out the insides
of whomsoever he may choose
to first destroy.

That kid is a monster.
I can see it already.
The things he’ll do
with his teeth and his eyes…
it’s horrible to consider.
It’s a terror to imagine.

I saw him gum up the bars of his crib
as if to escape
and it looked like he’d done enough damage
to tear his way out.
Just think of the threat
when he’s a month old.

He’s a danger, this child.
He’s a problem in need of a solution.
He is the poster child for retroactive abortions
and I wish something could be done
but I fear it’s too late.
He may already be too powerful.
It may already be
that we are already all doomed.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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