I live on the rags and bones
of other people’s lives
perhaps because it is easier
than finding things of my own.
Choosing takes responsibility
and it is certainly easier
in this land of opportunity
to take the opportunity
to cede responsibility
and let passivity be my guide.

So I let the dumpster decide
where my next meal comes from
or what fashion I shall wear
the next season
just as I let the season decide
what sort of activities
will accommodate my active schedule.

I dine on the carrion left
of other’s choices.
Like a willow
I bend
and form
as whatever around me may wish.

And how does that work out,
blowing like a speck in a storm
surviving on scraps
doing the best
with whatever remains?
How is this simple sort of life?
What do YOU think?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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