Gender Stereo

I wish I’d known more
about what you were going through
so I could have helped you
(so I could have saved you
{so I could have appeared
in the nick of time
as the Big Strong Hero
and protected you,
offered you all the Big Strong Man things you needed,
and you could look at me
with Big Sweet Doe eyes
and swear that I was your hero
and you would say
you’d do anything to thank me
and I’d say anything?
and you’d say anything
and then I’d get a slightly dumbfounded
slightly creepy look on my face
and the scene would fade
before I did anything really wrong}).

But we both know
I don’t really subscribe
to those misguided old school gender stereotypes
(not really)
and you don’t need me to
(not at all)
since you’re so strong and capable yourself
but I know you were having trouble then
and I wish I was around to help
and maybe get to be there
if you ever
(at any time
{at all})
felt helpless.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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