Knowledge is power.
They always say that
don’t they?
So perhaps, then,
understanding can be considered nothing
but a valuable commodity, as well.
Knowing how you fit in
within certain social strata
will allow easier comprehension
of what you are capable of accomplishing
and what you are not.

Realizing your place in the culture
must be gratifying
because then
you needn’t worry
about whether the walls are whispering
any sinister secrets
behind backs
or preparing poisons
to be released into any particular raisin tarts.
It is better that this is all in the open,
is it not?
Wouldn’t you rather
everything be clear?

Certainly, there is value
in knowing where you belong
where you do not,
who considers you worthy
who knows you are not,
when you are allowed to eat with your betters
and when you are not.
It is fine
when that is all on the table
don’t you think?

Of course you do.

You may close the door as you leave.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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