Maybe Babe

Maybe there is no happiness.
Maybe joy is for other people
in other countries
who have smaller comic book collections.
Maybe fun is all that’s on the table for tramps like us
or maybe you have to tramp through
seven contiguous states
to reach contentment
to find satisfaction
to not just pursue,
but really and truly achieve happiness.

Maybe I don’t get it
and I don’t get to get it.
Maybe the world is not about finding anything at all
but simply the matter of the quest.
Maybe I don’t understand the equation
at all
and whatever I’m supposed to be doing
here, there,
or anywhere
is lost to me.

Maybe? Absolutely.
Maybe it doesn’t matter.
Maybe tomorrow
I’ll take the same sort of stupid steps
I did today
like making breakfast
and shaving the dog
and dancing in my socks
because sometimes
on the rarest of occasions
that’s where happiness can be found.

Maybe there’s something to that…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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