Rights Left

She killed the kid.
Our kid
– or potential kid, I guess.
Her body, her right, totally,
but I wish I were involved.
I wish I had been something
other than an afterthought.
I wish I had been included
in more than just the original recipe.

I could have been told.
It could have been talked about.
I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done anything different
if it was my choice.
I’m just saying
it warranted discussion
and I wish I’d been invited to the conversation.
I only heard the results after the fact.

I know it’s not my decision.
I know I lack sovereignty
and unlike earlier eras
I have no rights left over what she does
with her frame.
I don’t even need to be told
of any decision
even afterward.

Kid would’ve been three now
or the end of a different argument.
She could be anywhere.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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