Our Long National Nightmare

I wonder how much better I would be
were I to forsake you
but I know I can never forsake you
because you have been a part of me
far too long.
I have worshiped you
for way too many years
to give up on you now.

I think of you always
and will wait for you
no matter how long it takes.

If I stopped
praying for your return
watching at the markets
for any evidence of you
how could I forgive myself
if someday you were to come back,
and I was not waiting,
ready to welcome you, Chocodile,
with open mouth?

I shudder at the thought
and shudder in anticipation
of going to the store tonight
in case Hostess has decided to stock you
on the shelves again
at last.

I know you’re no good for me
but I can’t help it.
I need you.
Come home to me, Chocodile,

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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