Weirder and Worser

Nice shoes. They look uncomfortable.
I’m not being sarcastic
or anything else.
I can’t tell if they’re sexyor cheap.
I know that I’m neither
but opposites attract or something
so I’m looking at you
and your heels
through those sort of lenses.

I’m sorry. This is rough.
Difficult. Frustrating.
I am having trouble.
I am learning to talk to humans again.
It has been far too long.

Isolation does things to a man
or a baby
and I am one of those things
– maybe both.
I have been having issues
getting my tongue to work lately
around other peoples.
And my lips.
And throat.
It’s been hard
but I’m trying
and I know it’s trying to be around me
– it must be –
and you’ve been very patient so far.
You’ve been

But your leopard print stilettos are really cool
and you seem like you might be
even if I’m not
and I’d like to continue talking
– you’re not a whore, are you?

I’m sorry.
I’m really having trouble
making my words work.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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