Free Ride

Free write.
Rite Aid.
Writing aid.
Righting wrongs in real bad songs.
Writing really bad songs.
Why do I write bad songs?
I can’t even write songs.
What am I doing here?
Start again…

Free write:
Free associate.
Free association. Shun.
Shun. Ray guns.
Shun Reagan and his anti-union policy.
Trickle down economics
voodoo economics.
and the entire political spectrum moved right
because Bonzo’s buddy.
Why do people think he was a good president?
Moving on…

Free write.
Free as a bird.
Free ride.
Fast car
Low rider.
Slow ride.
Rock on.
Rock and roll grandpa.
What the fuck…?

Good night.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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