It’s Batman Day,
declared so by the owners of the trademark,
the company
that bought the company
that bought the property
from the guy
who sold out the creator
for the name recognition.

Today is Batman Day
as it approximates
the date on the cover
of the comic that came out
when Batman first graced
our four-colored lives
too few years ago.
He showed up in May
but the issue said September
so we celebrate in September
according to Time Warner AOL
or whatever the consortium may be today.

We are in Batman Day
right now
where our lives can be made better
by appreciating the wonder
the splendor
the majesty of Gotham’s greatest son
and his tragedy
and the effort he makes in fiction
to ensure it happens to none other.
We consider Batman
on Batman Day
just like every other day
and every other moment
and every other second.

Soon it shall be midnight
and Batman Day shall end
and we shall enter
into a new era
of a true dark knight.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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